Fidel Tree

Fiddle-leaf fig

{ Fiddle-leaf fig; Banjo fig }


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About Fidel Tree

Say hello to our Fidel Tree, a stunning variety of our dear Fidel. Each tree is truly unique and so can differ from the images above. Nonetheless, he will be equally as beautiful!

Originally from western Africa, Fidel will help your space achieve a tropical look with his lyre-shaped leaves. Besides the aesthetic appeal of his glossy dark green leaves, Fidel makes for the perfect houseplant as he is tough and can cope with less-than-perfect conditions.


Plant height (including pot): 120-150cm; Pot Width: 34cm


Fidel thrives in tropical conditions: you can recreate these by placing him in bright, filtered light and misting him once in a while to increase the ambient humidity.


As much as Fidel likes humidity, he does not enjoy sitting in water as this could make him suffer from root rot.

Watering and feeding

The worst thing to do is over-water Fidel, so wait until the top inch of soil is dry before further watering. Fidel does not have a strong need for fertilizer, but feeding him with a diluted liquid fertiliser every month during the growing season (Spring to Autumn) is preferred.

Health benefits

Fidel's broad leaves will help with air purification, elimination of dust and humidity control, thus helping you prevent health problems such as colds, sore throats and coughs.

Living with pets and children

Fidel is toxic to cats and dogs if eaten, and he can have unpleasant consequences for humans if eaten too.

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