Fern on lava

Microsorum punctatum; Fishtail fern; Elkhorn fern; Star fern; Climbing bird’s nest fern

Why we love Petra

Not only does her lava base make her look strikingly sculptural, it also makes her extra easy to care for.

Easy care
Most light conditions
The patch promise

She’ll do best if you give her filtered water (you can use water that’s been boiled then cooled). Hard tap water may cause marks on the lava.

Quick facts

Botanical name

Microsorum punctatum


Fishtail fern; Elkhorn fern; Star fern; Climbing bird’s nest fern

Air purifying


Plant height


Pet/Baby safe


Nursery pot size

17cm x 10cm x 3.5cm (Tray size W x D x H)

About Lava Fern

In forests of South-East Asia, you’d typically find this fern growing in the crevices of trees. This one has been specially grown on lava, which makes it looks incredible and makes it super easy to look after.

The fern’s roots have grown around the lava, a porous stone. As the lava absorbs water from the tray, the plant takes all the water it needs from the stone. That means you can’t over-water because it will only take as much as it needs. Just try to keep the tray about three-quarters full.

If you need to move your fern lift it by the tray, not the lava rock, to avoid damaging the rock or plant. Every piece of lava rock is unique, so the one you receive will differ from the one in the pictures.

Petra comes securely attached to the black tray shown in the photos. No need to purchase any pots or soil.

Did you know?

In some cultures, the juice of the Fishtail fern is used for healing wounds (we don’t recommend trying this).