Devil's ivy

{ Devils' Ivy; Epipremnum aureum; Ceylon creeper; Golden Pothos }


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About Rapunzel

Rapunzel, our golden pothos, is perhaps one of the most versatile plants when it comes to our indoor low-maintenance plants. Her marbled green and yellow heart-shaped locks hang elegantly, able to adapt and enhance to almost any environment, whether she's trailing off a bookshelf, or acting as a privacy screen in a window. As well as greening up your nook and cranny, our Golden Pothos will also get to work cleansing your air of unwelcome pollutants. She's also known as the devil's ivy because she survives even in very low light, but you'll want to keep this little devil somewhere everyone can see her.


Estimated height (including pot): 30-50cm


Our Golden Pothos thrives in both bright indirect light and low-light.


Rapunzel doesn't like to be overwatered so make sure you allow the top half of her soil to dry out between waterings.

Health Benefits

Golden Pothos is an air-purifying plant that has been proven to remove airborne toxins found indoors such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.

Watering and feeding

Rapunzel appreciates a liquid fertiliser being applied once every two weeks in the spring and summer to promote growth.

Living with children and pets

Golden Pothos can be toxic to cats, dogs and children if consumed.

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