Ceropegia woodii

{ Ceropegia; String of Hearts; Hearts entangled; Sweetheart vine }


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About Peggy

Ceropegia woodii is a charming plant with amazing variegated hearted-shaped leaves. The rich colour variety of her leaves and flowers along with her trailing stems make Peggy a truly unique houseplant. She also grows very fast, so it is a great option for hanging plants enthusiasts!


Estimated height (including pot): 30-50cm


Peggy is nice and flexible, growing either in low light or bright indirect light.


Similarly to the most of the indoor plants, Peggy hates being overwatered.

Watering and feeding

Less is more when it comes to watering! So, make sure you allow her soil to dry out between waterings. Peggy appreciates a liquid fertiliser being applied once every two weeks in the spring and summer to promote growth and some flowering.

Living with children and pets

Although our String of Hearts isn't toxic, little paws and fingers may not be able to resist playing with her long drapings stems so it would be best to keep out of reach for her sake!