Asplenium Scolopendrium


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About Astrid

Asplenium, who we like to call Astrid, is a real trooper. Her tongue-shaped, pointy green leaves will add a freshness to your garden that lasts all year as Astrid is an evergreen plant that is fantastic for those hard-to-fill shady spaces as there's little that will phase her.



Current height including plastic pot: 30-35cm
Maximum height: 60cm


A moist but well-drained habitat so make sure you plant her with a drainage material at the bottom and keep her soil well-watered.


Too much sunny D - no more than 3 hours of it to be precise.

Looking after this plant 

If you keep Astrid well-watered and positioned in a shady spot then she will reward you with lush greenery that will brighten up even the bleakest of winters. In order to make room for new growth, feel free to remove any dead or damaged fronds.

Living with pets and children 



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