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Whether you're looking to fill a corner of your living room or bring some welcome greenery to your entrance-hall, bigger statement plants can really bring a space to life - here are our top 5 that will work their magic. 

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Big Ken is a tough lad who won't be phased by difficult growing conditions. He works wonders to fill a space in any room, but we like him best in a living room, where he has the ability to totally transform the space thanks to his arching fronds that can cast shapely shadows across plain walls.

Reggie, originating from the coast of South Africa, is reknowned in the plant world for his striking, vibrant flowers set against his banana shaped leaves. In the wild his strong stature allows tropical birds to perch atop his leaves and feed off his nectar, whilst his flowers, said to be shaped like birds of paradise in flight, are sure to set your home alight with bright orange and blue when they come into flower.  

Originally from western Africa, Fidel will help your space achieve a tropical look with his lyre-shaped leaves. Besides the aesthetic appeal of his glossy dark green leaves, Fidel makes for the perfect house plant as he is tough and can cope with less-than-perfect conditions.

Mick is an impressive specimen who will, in return for just a little attention, happily show off his elegant leaves. If you're extremely lucky, he will even grow small, white flowers as well – and all for minimal effort!

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Contains one 6ft Howea forsteriana, one Bird of paradise, one tall Ficus Lyrata, one Dracaena - yellow stripe and one Ficus Benjamina. Pot for all plants are included. 


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