Swiss cheese plant

{ Monstera Deliciosa; Ceriman; Custard plant; Indian ivy; Fruit salad plant; Mexican breadfruit; Cheese plant }

£14.00 - £80.00

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About Chaz

Nicknamed the Swiss cheese plant and commonly known as Monstera Deliciosa, our 'Chaz' is very on trend. But, that's not all. This plant is one of the easiest around to care for and, thanks to its unique foliage, one of our favourites too. He's supported by a moss pole to help keep him proudly upright.


Our Monstera Deliciosa is available in three sizes:
Plant height (including pot): 40-50cm; Nursery pot width: 14cm
Plant height (including pot): 110-120cm; Nursery pot width: 27cm

Plant height (including pot): 90-100cm; Nursery pot width: 35cm


Our Monstera Deliciosa enjoys gentle sunlight and an average room temperature. He will also be very happy with you if you clean his leaves with a regular wipe using a damp cloth. The higher the temperature, the more Chaz likes humidity, so be sure to keep an eye out when temperatures hit one extreme or the other.


You should try to avoid leaving Chaz to play in direct sunlight, as this will make his impressive leaves go yellow. Dark corners will also keep Chaz from growing to his full potential.

Watering and feeding

Chaz enjoys an even level of moist soil, and grows best when letting the soil dry a bit between waterings. Feeding is essential if you want to see new, lush green leaves. We recommend normal strength fertiliser, and no more than once a month.

Living with pets and children

The leaves of our Monstera Deliciosa are toxic to cats and dogs, so best to keep him from their attention.