Chinese Money Plant

{ Pilea; Pancake Plant }

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About Penny

Penny gets the nickname 'Chinese Money Plant' from her glossy coin shaped leaves. She's a low maintenance little houseplant perfect for a shelf or desk. Some say if you place a coin in her soil she will bring you wealth and good fortune!


Our Pennys come in two sizes:
Plant height (including pot): 10-20cm; Nursery pot width 5.5cm
Plant height (including pot): 15-25cm; Nursery pot width: 12cm


Penny thrives in bright indirect light and well-drained soil.


Penny doesn't like direct sunlight, as it scorches her leaves.

Looking after this plant

Penny likes to dry out a little between waterings so be careful not to over water. Once a week during Winter and twice a week during Summer should be fine. If her leaves start drooping, she's thirsty! She appreciates a liquid fertiliser being applied once every month in the spring and summer to promote growth.

Living with pets and children

Penny is non-toxic.