Big Ken

£50.00 - £120.00

Kentia Palm

Howea forsteriana; Thatch palm; Paradise palm plant

Why we love Big Ken

If you want a plant people will notice, Ken’s your guy. A classic palm, he’s big, showy and exotic, but not too hard to take care of. Everybody loves Big Ken.

Most light conditions
Easy care
The patch promise

Big Ken likes his space, so it’s best to put him in a spot where he won’t be brushed against a lot. Let’s respect his boundaries.

Quick facts

Botanical name

Howea forsteriana


Kentia palm; Thatch palm; Paradise palm plant

Plant type

Palm, indoor

Air purifying


Plant height (including pot)

90-100cm; 120-130cm; 140-150cm; 190-200cm

Pet/baby safe


Nursery pot size

19cm; 21cm; 24cm; 27cm

About Kentia palms

Our Big Ken the Kentia palm hails from Southern Australia, where you’ll find them shading locals from the hot sun. It was the Victorians who made them popular in the UK, bringing them over to add an exotic touch to their homes.

Kentia palms are great air purifiers. They’ve been found to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are emitted from synthetic furniture and building materials.

It’s natural to think that because Kentia palms are from a hot country they crave baking sun and heat, but go easy. Bright, indirect light is best, so not in front of a window. Keep them away from radiators. A monthly feed from April to September will do them good, but dilute it to half strength as they’re not big eaters.

Did you know?

Queen Victoria loved Kentia palms. She had them in all her homes and left instructions for them to be planted around her coffin when she died. If they’re good enough for royalty…