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House Plant Parenting Course

How do I pick the right plants for my space?

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Match your space to their natural habitat

There are lots of different types of houseplant, and each one has evolved in a different climate. To give them a good chance of survival you need to match their natural climate, as closely as possible, to the conditions in your home or office. The most important factors are the amount of natural sunlight (think desert vs shady forest floor) and the amount of water (think desert vs rainforest).

Use the filters on our website

To make this crucial step easy for you, we have filters on our website to help you pick the right plants for your space. These filters allow you to instantly identify ‘tall’ plants that ‘can handle wind’ and like to live ‘outdoors’ from those that are ‘small’, ‘happiest in shade’ and live ‘indoors’.

Avoid the fussy plants to start with

To set your plant parenting off on the right foot, we try to make the hardest parts of caring for plants easier. For starters, we stock a range of relatively hardy plants that don’t require excessive fuss.