ficus benjamina

{ Ficus Benjamina; Benjamin tree; Java fig; Java tree; Small-leaved rubber plant; Tropic laurel }

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About Ben

Ben, well-known as the 'Weeping Fig', is a very popular house plant. Although he doesn't produce any flowers, his overall presence and elegance makes him a firm favourite and, with enough care, he can be grown into an impressive "indoor tree".


Our Bens come in two sizes:
Plant height (including pot): 95-105cm; Pot width: 21cm
Plant height (including pot): 140-150cm; Pot width: 27cm


Ben likes being in places with medium levels of light, and can even be happy in the shady positions of your home. If he is getting too much light, he will be sure to tell you by shedding his leaves.


Ben's major dislike is that he doesn't enjoy cold draughts, so try and keep him away from doors or open windows.

Health benefits

Ben is excellent at cleaning and filtering the air of harmful pollutants.

Watering and feeding

Ben needs his soil to be moist most of the time for him to thrive. You can water him once the first few inches of his soil are dry, always letting the water drain through the bottom holes of his pot and removing the excess.

He will allow the odd mishap of over/under watering so that you can learn how to get it just right! Since Ben has so many leaves to keep happy, feeding once every month during the growing season (spring-autumn) is recommended but not at all over winter.

It's good to keep in mind that Ben will shed some of his leaves during the winter, when going through his dormant season.

Living with pets and children

Ben is fine to touch but his sap can be poisonous to animals so be sure to keep him away from any curious pets or children!