Small trees

Bringing festive vibes to a small space can be a challenge - but if your flat is less of a mansion and more of a mouse hole, don’t worry: you can still lend a bit of cheer to your abode. These Christmas trees are perfect for small living spaces, so you don’t have to miss out.

Our 3-4 ft trees come in both our Fraser and Nora varieties. Go for Fraser if you want a classic fir with a lovely, pine-y smell; choose Nora if you're after a beautiful tree with soft-as-snow foliage. If you're really tight on space, our mini potted tree, Priscilla, is your girl: at just 40-50 cm, she makes a great table-topper.

Small Christmas trees

Need lights and decorations?

Here are a few our favourites perfect for smaller trees!

Why Patch Christmas trees?

  • Unbeatable prices

    Our prices will beat any delivery service in London - and if you want decorations or gifts, we've got lots of those, too.

  • Free delivery and returns

    Delivery is free on all Christmas trees. If you aren't happy with the tree we deliver, we'll come and replace it - no questions asked.

  • Top quality

    Our non-drop Christmas trees are guaranteed for a month from the date of delivery. This year we're aiming for 50% to come from the UK - and for each one delivered, a tiny new one gets planted.