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Should I trim - or ‘prune’ - my plant?

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Should I trim – or ‘prune’ – my plant?

Pruning, which means removing dead or damaged leaves, stems and buds from your plants can really help to refresh them, as it allows your plant to focus on new growth rather than waste energy on old leaves.

Some flowering plants will require ‘deadheading’, which involves snipping or pinching off dead flowers. During summer you can even do this as regularly as every few days. Not doing so can prevent your plant from producing more flowers, so it’s definitely worth the time to keep for your plant looking its best!

If your plant develops brown tips to its leaves they may need to be trimmed off. For some plants it’s a perfectly natural thing and you can grab some scissors and trim it off. However, check the plant’s product page to see whether it’s a sign of poor health and review your care routine. You may be able to save the leaf by just trimming off the brown ends,  but if the leaf is entirely brown chop it off at the base, as it will not recover.

We probably get the most pruning questions about our orchids. If you want to encourage your orchid to bloom again, watch this video: