Philodendron Scandens

{ Heart-leaf; Sweetheart plant }


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About Phil

Phil the Philodendron has been a main-stay in the houseplant team for generations, thanks mostly to his dramatic heart-shaped foliage. He is not only bold, but also easy to care for if you keep an eye out for his signs of good and poor health. He's supported by a moss pole so he can grow tall and proud.


Our Philodendron comes in two sizes:
Plant height (including pot): 20-30cm
Plant height: 120-130cm

Phil can grow up to 1.5m. He will run out of moss pole to grow up before too long but his climbing foliage can extend beyond the pole unless you pare him back.


Phil likes indirect light, so being placed next to a window will please him greatly and keep his leaves looking their best. Given his South American background, he also likes a warm, humid environment.


Phil will let you know if he isn't getting the right amount of light. Too much will cause his leaves to go yellow and too little will result in long stems and small leaves.

Watering and feeding

Phil likes his soil to dry out between waterings, so be sure to check that the top inch of soil is dry before watering. A Philodendron will tell you if he isn't happy with your watering, as his leaves will go droopy if you are under- or over-watering him.

Living with pets and children

The leaves of the Philodendron are poisonous to both animals and children, so both should be kept from eating them.