Peace Lily

{ Spathiphyllum Wallisi; White sails }


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About Pippa

Pippa can offer a calming presence to the home thanks to her soft dark-green foliage, year-round flowers and her ability to tolerate deep shade.


Our Pippas come in three different sizes:
Plant height: 30-40cm; Pot width: 12cm
Plant height: 50-70cm; Pot width: 17cm
Plant height: 90-110cm; Pot width: 23cm

(All plant heights are measured from the base of the pot)

Pippa shouldn't grow much beyond 1.5m tall.

Our largest Pippa fits perfectly in our new 25cm plant stand!


Pippa enjoys as much humidity as you can give her, which is why you'll often find her kept in bathrooms or kitchens. Misting her every other day will provide the humidity she needs. Very happy in low-lit sites but you can prepare her for a good Spring flowering by giving her more light than usual during Winter.


She's not the biggest fan of direct sunlight during the warmer months.

Health benefits

Cleanses the air of typical contaminants found in the home environment, such as Formaldeyde and Benzene.

Looking after this plant

From spring to autumn, be sure to keep the compost moist - approximately once every 7 days. Always check the soil before watering, and if it's too moist, give her a few more days to dry out before watering. In winter, water sparingly, letting the soil dry out before watering.

Living with pets and children

While Pippa's leaves are poisonous to cats and dogs, they will only have an effect if eaten in very large quantities.