Parlour Palm

{ Chamaedorea elegans; Neanthe bella palm; Parlour palm }


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About Sharon

Sharon, our Chamaedorea, almost swaggers with her elegant, arched palm-fronds. Smaller than a kentia, rhapis or areca palm, this lady has been one of the most popular indoor plants since Victorian times (she's nicknamed the 'Parlour Palm') and she'll easily thrive in any spot in a home or workplace.


Our Sharons come in three sizes:
Plant height: 40-50cm; Pot width: 12cm
Plant height: 50-60cm; Pot width: 17cm
Plant height: 80-90cm; Pot width: 19cm

(All plant heights are measured from the base of the pot)

The Chamaedorea is a slow grower but can rise up to 80cm within a few years, if well looked after.


Sharon the Chamaedorea loves bright but filtered light and a humid atmosphere. She can withstand a darker spot too.


Sharon does not like direct light as harsh sun will scorch her leaves.

Health and benefits

The Chamaedorea made it on to the NASA's list of 50 indoor plants that clean the air.

Watering and feeding

Very little water is needed in Winter to keep our Chamaedorea happy: allow the top of the soil to dry out before watering again. In summer, make sure to keep the soil moist at all times. Feeding Sharon every couple of months with a liquid fertiliser will be more than enough.

Living with pets and children

Our Chamaedorea is non-toxic to dogs, cats - and humans!