Curly Spider Plant

{ Chlorophytum; Curly Spider Plant; Variegated Spider Plant; Airplane Plant }


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About Chris

Chlorophytum comosum 'Bonnie' is a great plant for those starting out as first time plant parents. He's a very easy going plant that literally could be cultivated anywhere: bathroom, bedroom, desk, bookshelf or kitchen.


Estimated height (including height): 25-30cm; Nursery pot width: 12cm


Chris is very easy going and happily grows anywhere under low or high light conditions. Just don't leave him exposed directly to the sunlight, as it might burn his leaves.


Don't worry! There are only two things that make Chris unhappy: the excess of water and direct sunlight.

Health Benefits

Yay! Chlorophytum is an air-purifying plant that has been proven to remove airborne toxins found indoors such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.

Meet our range of air-purifying superstars.

Watering and feeding

The watering schedule will vary depending upon the temperature and lighting that Chris will receive. As most of the indoor plants, Chris does not like to be overwatered. Make sure that his soil is dry before giving a moderate watering.

Living with children and pets

Besides being an easy-to-grow plant, Chlorophytum is also safe for dogs, cats and children!

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