Calathea Zebrina

{ Zebra Plant }


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About Juno

Move over, Jolie-Pitts - with Julia and Juliette as her sisters, Juno is part of the prettiest plant dynasty, in our opinion. This zebra-striped beauty hails from Brazil, where her amazing foliage makes her stand out in the dense tropical rainforest. She grows at the base of large trees, and her umbrella-like leaves are designed to catch the moisture that comes through the branches so she can save some H2O for later. Pretty cool, right?

Aside from her beautiful pattern, our favourite thing about Juno is that she unfurls her leaves in the morning to catch some rays, and then curls back up in the eve to go to sleep. We'll admit that she's a little bit fussy -- but with the proper love and attention, she'll happily thrive in your home.

Quick Facts:

Botanical name: Calathea zebrina

Nickname: Zebra plant

Plant type: Evergreen perennial / indoor

Toxic?: Non-toxic

Current Height (including pot): 70-80cm

Pro level: Hard

Nursery Pot Size: 19cm - repot every 2-3 years

How to care for Juno (Zebra Plant)

Juno prefers bright, indirect sunlight, so a shady spot in a brightly-lit room is ideal. You can also try putting her slightly out of the way of a south- or west-facing window.

She prefers her soil to be a bit moist (not wet) at all times during growing season (March-October by giving her a good soak approximately once per week. Between November-February reduce watering to once every 10-15 days, allowing her soil to dry out between waterings.

Juno prefers a warm and humid environment, so give her lots of spritzes with a plant mister. You can also check out our Care Guide for more tips on how to increase humidity in her environment.

Give her a little wipe with a damp cloth when you notice dust collecting on her leaves -- she'll thank you for it.

Giver he a bit of balanced liquid fertiliser fortnightly during growing season.

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