elephant ear plant

{ Alocasia Zebrina }


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About Zabrina

Originally from southeast of Asia, Alocasia Zebrina is our new favourite exotic plant. Her beautifully shaped leaves are truly unique whilst her zebra-like stems are to thank for her name. Her large leaves move around towards the brightest light, so make sure you turn her around once in a while!


Estimated height from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant: 70-80cm; Nursery pot width: 19cm


Zabrina prefers living in a bright-light spot with indirect sunlight. Give her some space to grow and her large leaves will spread out in the space.


Zabrina is in general very easy-going, although she doesn't like to live in cold spots and also does not like to receive direct sunlight on her leaves.


Water her about twice per week in the spring and reduce to about once per week in the winter, giving just enough to prevent the compost drying out completely. She becomes dormant in the winter months so don't worry if she's not showing signs of growth, just wait for the Spring!

Living with pets and children

If ingested, Alocasias can cause upset stomach among dogs and cats so best to keep it out of their reach.