Phlebodium Aureum

{ Blue star fern }


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About Toby

Toby, commonly known as a blue star fern due to his blue tinted leaves, is an easy to please houseplant making him a great choice for beginners. We love his long and slightly wild leaves that will be sure to brighten up any room!


Estimated height (including pot): 25-35cm
Nursery pot width: 14cm


Toby likes bright indirect light and with his tropical background loves humidity so a bathroom or kitchen would be a great spot.


Toby doesn't like direct sunlight, as it scorches his leaves.

Looking after this plant

Toby loves humid conditions so if you haven't got a humid spot he would appreciate a regular spritz with our mister. Keep his compost moist but not waterlogged, watering about once a week, always checking the soil first- making sure that the first 1 inch or so is dry. He's found in tropical forests in South-America so he's farily tolerant of shady areas.

Living with pets and children

Toby is non-toxic.

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