Neoregelia ‘Pink Sensation’

Why we love Stella

She was made to stand out. The bright pink burst at her centre means she’ll be the star of even the most crowded indoor jungle.

Most light conditions
Drama queen
The patch promise

She prefers filtered water to hard tap water. An easy way to provide this is to boil water in a kettle, let it cool completely, then water her.

Quick facts

Botanical name

Neoregelia ‘Pink Sensation’



Air purifying


Plant height (including pot)


Pet/Baby safe


Nursery pot size


About Bromeliads

You’ll find this bromeliad in South American rainforests, but you’ll have to look up to see it. It grows in the branches of trees, not on the ground. Unusually, its roots aren’t really for feeding. They’re primarily for gripping on to trees. It absorbs water and nutrients through its central well, which is vividly coloured.

It’s not a hard plant to take care of, but it is particular about its needs. It likes to be moist, but not wet. Water into the centre, rather than at the roots. This might seem odd but it makes it quite easy to tell when it needs watering. It likes its well about a quarter full. It also prefers filtered water as tap water can be a bit hard. Giving the well a rinse once a month will prevent bacteria.

It might take a little more care than most houseplants, but look at it. Totally worth it.

Did you know?

Some species of frog use bromeliad wells as a place to lay eggs and raise their babies (in the wild, not in your living room).

Need a pot? Fits great in: