Hydrandea paniculata

{ Paniculate hydrangea }

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About Alex

Like his sister Gia, Alex is a very welcome addition to an urban garden. His cone-shaped flower heads bloom into dozens of tiny creamy-white flowers that dance in the breeze, but most importantly, he is a very independent flowering plant who will for the most part, look after himself.


Current height and spread: 80-90cm x 50-60cm.

Alex's flowers will be in bloom between July-October.


If given the choice, Alex will take the sunny spot but he is also more than happy in a shadier spot too. 


Water regularly in the growing season between spring and summer but outside of that, the elements will take care of that for you. We would recommend once every 1-2 day in the driest periods.

Looking after this plant 

There's no need to deadhead Alex however to keep his blooms coming back year after year, in the spring, cut back last year's stems to a pair of healthy buds.

Living with pets and children

Alex is mildly toxic if consumed.