Euonymus Fortunei

{ Euonymus Fortunei Emerald 'n' Gold; Fortune's spindle }


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About Emerald

Emerald is a shapeshifter: this amazing shrub can be grown as a low hedge, an edging plant, or even a climbing vine (if given the right support). Make sure she's got enough space, though, as this fast-growing plant can reach 20m if left untrimmed.

Native to Asia, this versatile plant is super low maintenance, and adds a bit of evergreen beauty to your garden in exchange for minimal effort. We love her for her glossy, deep green leaves, mixed and sometimes outlined by neon green. She may also bloom small white flowers in the spring, as well as little berries - careful, though, as her fruit is inedible.

Quick facts:

Botanical name: Euonymus fortunei

Nicknames: Fortune's Spindle, Wintercreeper Euonymus

Plant type: Evergreen shrub / Outdoor

Toxic?: Toxic to people and pets

Current height (including pot): 30-50cm

Nursery pot: 23cm

Pro level: Easy

How to care for Emerald

The basics

Emerald isn't bothered about where you put her - she'll do well in full sun or full shade. She just needs well-drained soil to thrive - when planting her out of her nursery pot, put her in our multi-purpose compost.

Give her a drink if it hasn't rained in a while and you notice that her soil is dry - but Emerald very rarely needs to be watered, so don't worry too much about it.

Going the extra mile

Give Emerald a prune every couple of years so her growth stays under control. Just take a pair of sanitised scissors or shears and snip away freely until she takes your desired shape.