Variegated English Ivy

{ Hedera Helix 'Variegata'; Variegated English Ivy }

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About Effy

Effy is a very rewarding indoor plant, helping to greenify your space with her white and green marbled leaves as well as purifying the air of unwelcome pollutants in the process. Her ancient origins are what give her her Greek name meaning to "twist" or "turn" that hint to her trailing and growing tendencies. Her relaxed attitude to maintenance also means she'll forgive you for the odd missed watering.


Estimated plant height (including hanging length): 20-30cm. Nursery pot width: 13cm

Estimated plant height (including hanging length): 80-90cm. Nursery pot width: 24cm


Effy flourishes in a space with bright, indirect light.


Effy struggles in higher temperatures - the cooler the better so be sure to keep her clear from radiators.

Health Benefits

Ivy has not only been proven to remove mould from the air but also to remove common air pollutants such as formaldyhyde, benzene and xylene.

Watering and feeding

When it comes to watering, Effy likes a balance. Whilst she likes her soil to be kept moist, allow it to dry out slightly between waterings. To help promote growth, apply a liquid fetiliser to Effy once every two weeks in the spring and summer.

Living with pets and children

Effy is highly toxic to pets and children if consumed.