Plants for the living room

A bit of green makes life better. Our living room collection includes a special selection of toxin-busting house plants — like Rick, a corn plant that removes formaldehyde from the air, or Rob, a low-maintenance rubber plant with air-purifying powers.  

Once you’ve picked your favourite friends, dress them up with our indoor pots and plant stands.

  • 'Formaldehyde' is a common toxin found in the home, often originating in carpets and furniture. NASA ran a study showing that a number of plants help to remove this and other toxins from the home. In this collection, the Dracaean Fragrans – 'Rick' – is the most effective, with some studies showing its effect can be felt after just 24 hours.

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People like different plants and plants like different spaces. We've picked the essentials that fit best in this space.

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