How to pick office plants

The greener the workplace the better

Even just a few plants can make an enormous difference to your office. Whether you choose a few stylish desk plants, some large statement plants or opt for the full urban jungle, we'll help you find the perfect, low-maintenance plants for your workplace. Here are a few things to consider when picking your office plants.

Consider your light

All plants need some natural light to survive, so check how much your office gets. Sadly, they can't feed off light from standard lightbulbs. Switch off the lights during the day (if possible) to get a measure for how the sunlight fills the room. If the room is bright during the day, that's great. Most plants will live happily in your office. Try Big Ken the Kentia palm or lovely Chaz the cheese plant. If you only get a small amount of light, you still have options. Try Susie the snake plant or Howard the aspidistra.

Mix things up

Using a combination of plants of different heights, volumes and textures will make your space look fresh and interesting. If you'd like to keep things really easy, you could just use different varieties of the same plant, in different size. For example, Susie, Zey and Apollo are all varieties of snake plant, which means they need exactly the same (minimal) care, but mix them together and they look really impressive. We have lots of plants that are super low-maintenance. For obvious reasons, we call them the unkillables.

Styling your plants

Just a few plants used in key areas can transform an office. On sparse desks, add Bali the schefflera or Wallace the miniature cheese plant. Place Rick the corn plant in a meeting space to make it more inspiring. Frame doorways by placing tall plants on either side. If floor space is at a premium, look up. You can always use a hanging pot and a trailing plant, like Rapunzel the devil's ivy, to create interest at eye level.

Consider temperature

Very important! Plants like a fairly steady temperature, so try to keep them away from radiators and air conditioning units, or doors that open to the outside. If in doubt, choose our toughest plants, like Cassie the zz plant or Howard the aspidistra. They're made of very strong stuff.

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