(Almost) Unkillable Houseplants

There's no shame in being guilty of plant murder. Even the most experienced plant parents have a few unfortunate fatalities to their name. Don't let bad results in the past put you off. Try again and give yourself the highest chance of success with some really tough plants.

The Unkillables, as we've named them, are plants absolutely anyone can keep alive. If you've never had a plant before, start here. If you think you can't keep anything alive, these guys beg to differ. They'll grow in almost any light conditions and won't care a bit if you're forgetful on the watering. The only thing you have to remember is not to water them too much. Easy, right? Oh also, they all look great too. There's absolutely no downside.

(Almost) Unkillable Indoor Plants

Rapunzel the devil's ivy is our most popular plant (don't tell the others). She has it all. She has stunning marbled leaves. She's live in almost any light conditions (she's known as devil's ivy because she'll thrive in low light).

She'll forgive forgetful waterers. She works as a hanging plant, on a shelf, or even trained up a wall if you're feeling daring. She's the best.

Susie the snake plant is a dream to look after. In the wild she can go a long time without seeing rain, so she doesn't need frequent watering. She comes in a range of sizes to fit any space.

The smallest one will pop neatly on a shelf, or the huge size will look incredible in an entrance hall.

Like Susie, Zey is a snake plant. He has more slender leaves and lighter patterning, but he's just as easy to look after. As long as you remember to water him once in a while he'll be happy as can be.

If you've got a shelf or corner and you're not sure what plant could live there, the answer is Zey.

Another relative of Susie and Zey, Apollo is one of the rarer snake plants. He'll live in just about any light conditions, but if you put him somewhere brighter you'll see lots of lighter, silvery tones in his foliage.

Howard the aspidistra is a seriously tough guy. One of his nicknames is the ‘cast iron plant’, because he's practically indestructible.

He'll put up with a lot of neglect, although he's such a lovely plant we think you'll want to treat him nicely.

Known as zamioculcas, zanzibar gem or, much more simply, zz plant, Cassie is used to putting up with long periods of drought in the wild.

That means she won't care one bit if you forget to water her for a while. Cool and sculptural, nothing fazes her.

Raven, our other zamioculcas, is a gorgeous house plant with a taste for the dramatic. His glossy foliage is almost black, which is incredibly rare in the plant world. New growth starts out bright green, before darkening, which produces incredible contrast.

He's a relative of Cassie, so he's also totally used to drought.

Rick, one of our corn plants (or dracaena fragrans, if you're fancy), is an impressive indoor plant with palm tree-like looks but no diva demands. With just a bit of care, he’ll grow tall and strong. He might even sprout small, white flowers if you’re very lucky.

Rick's relatives Mick and Nick are just as good looking and easy to look after.

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