(Almost) Unkillable Houseplants

We know what it’s like to be guilty of plant murder. The mix of shame, guilt and frustration at money down the drain is hard to get over and can really put you off taking the plunge into plant-ownership for a second time. We also know that finding time to diligently water and care for your houseplants can be a real challenge.

But don’t let your marked history of plant parenting prevent you from having another go. There are loads of plants out there who are low maintenance enough to forgive you for the odd missed watering. At Patch, we believe everyone is capable of developing their green thumbs and the best way to do it is to start with an easy-to-please plant. That's why we've put together this collection of indoor house plants we like to call 'The (Almost) Unkillables'.

(Almost) Unkillable Indoor Plants

Susie the snake plant has an impressive list of nicknames, including "Viper's Bowstring hemp", "Saint George's Sword" and "Mother-in-law's tongue". This hardy house plant is a great option for new plant parents, as she doesn’t need much watering. She also has a magic power: she releases oxygen at night, which is said to help you drift off to sleep.

Like Susie, Zey is also a snake plant, and can improve the air quality of your home by removing toxins from his environment. But he’s got another magic power: he can actually improve your health, as he’s been found to absorb harmful carcinogens, such as Benzene.

Howard the Aspidistra is a seriously tough guy. Nicknamed the ‘cast iron plant’, this super-plant is nearly indestructible and can handle reasonable neglect. But don’t let him waste away: his impressive form brightens up any space.

We reckon Cassie the Zamioculcas can't work out whether she's a fern, a succulent or, the world's oldest plant, a cycad. But, thankfully, she's taken the best from each and created an excellent candidate for an indoor house plant. Also called the ‘Zanzibar gem’ or ‘ZZ plant’, her dark green colouring, distinctive shape and tolerance for shade make her a winner.

Raven, our Zamioculcas, is a gorgeous house plant with a taste for the dramatic. His beautiful black foliage makes him a true original, and he’s also exceptionally low maintenance, making him a favourite at Patch.

Rick, one of our corn plants (or Dracaena fragrans), is an impressive indoor plant who thrives on minimal attention. With just a bit of care, he’ll grow tall and strong — and can even sprout small, white flowers if you’re very lucky.

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Contains one medium 70-80cm Sansevieria, one Sansevieria Zeylanica, one medium Zamioculcas, one Zamioculcas raven and one Dracaena fragrans. Pots for all plants are also included.

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