Schefflera on Lava

{ Umbrella Tree rooted on Volcanic Rock }


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About Bali

Life on Mars? This space-age plant looks like she comes from a galaxy far, far away. Bali is rooted in a lava rock, which makes her extra easy to care for -- pretty cool, right? This method of growing scheffleras is becoming ever-more popular, and it looks cool to boot. All you need to do is keep her in water and let this space cadet do her thing.

Quick facts

Botanical name: Schefflera Nora

Nickname: Life on Lava, Lava Rock, Umbrella Tree

Plant type: Evergreen perennial / indoor

Toxic?: Toxic to pets

Current Height (including pot): 30cm

Pro level: Easy

Bali comes with a tray and so does not need a pot or any soil.

How to care for Bali (Life on Lava)

Keep Bali's tray full of water at all times - she'll soak it right up. No need to water her from the top. Bali isn't a fan of tap water as the limescale turns her rock white, so we always suggest using distilled or filtered water.

Keeping Bali at a spot that has plently of indirect light will ensure that she thrives!

She likes a bit of humidity, so try spritzing her leaves every so often with a plant mister. You can also try the other recommended methods for increasing humidity in our Care Guide.

Feed with a diluted liquid fertiliser at a quarter of the recommended strength when watering in spring and summer.