{ Tail flower; Flamingo flower; Laceleaf; Anthurium Andraeanum }

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About Fleur

Fleur takes her floral name from her rare ability to be in flower for 300 out of 365 days of the year, which makes her the perfect plant to bring a splash of bright colour and warmth to your space. Her ancestors come from the tropical regions of the Americas from Mexico to Argentina and the Caribbean so she is most happy in warm and humid conditions.


Estimated height (including pot): 50-65cm.

Our Fleur should't grow much beyond 75cm.

Pot size

Fleur will fit nicely in one of our 22cm wide pots.


Fleur prefers warm temperatures, with bright indirect sunlight. She also prefers humid conditions - so particularly good for a bathroom or kitchen.


Fleur does not like the cold, so try to refrain from placing her next to doors or open windows where she may experience a draught.

Health Benefits

Fleur was voted by Nasa as one of the best air purifiers and was chosen as one of 15 plants they would take to help filter the air of their space station.

Watering and feeding

Fleur likes to be watered regularly, roughly once or twice a week to keep her soil moist, although not too moist as this can cause damage to her roots. Fleur would be very happy with you if you fed her with a liquid fertiliser once every month between Spring and Autumn.

Living with pets and children

Fleur has a toxic side to her if you attempt to eat her, so keep away from pets and children.

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