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What about weeding, pruning and deadheading?

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What about weeding, pruning and deadheading?

Your lovely new urban garden is likely to need some upkeep from time to time beyond the usual watering and fertilising. This is where weeding, pruning and deadheading come in.

Weeds, unruly stems, dead flowers and leaves all need to be cleaned up if you want your space looking its best - just like how your house needs a tidy-up every now and then.

Weeds set up shop in your containers when their seeds are carried your way by the wind. They compete with your plants for space, light, nutrients and water, so it’s best to pick them out as soon as you spot them.

Look for anything unfamiliar - if it doesn’t look like what you planted, pick it out. Keep in mind that weeds need to have the complete plant, including the root system, removed to stop them coming back.

Pruning your plants is another way to help them thrive. Trim off dead or unhealthy leaves, allowing your plant to focus on new growth. You can also trim back unruly stems that are making your arrangement look messy, or to limit how big it grows.

Deadheading involves pinching or snipping off dead blooms on your flowering plants, allowing them to focus their energy on growing big and strong and producing new flowers. While you’re at it, make sure to remove any fallen flowers or leaves from the surface of the soil, as these can attract pests.