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How do I look after my outdoor plants while on holiday?

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What to do with outdoor plants when you go on holiday

We all need an escape from the city from time to time, and your new outdoor plant gang certainly shouldn’t prevent you from doing that. Luckily while you’re off on a much-needed refresh there are plenty of options to keep your garden happy and healthy.

If you’ve got a plant-loving friend, or one who’s eager to learn, the easiest option is often to ask them to keep an eye on your plants. Keep in mind that if it’s the height of summer outdoor plants may need to be watered multiple times a day, so maybe don’t ask someone who lives on the other side of the city.

If you’d rather go for a DIY solution, moisture retaining crystals may not be enough for holiday hydration, but you can supplement them with the capillary method or an automatic watering system can both ensure that your plants are happy while you’re away.

Automated systems can get just about as sophisticated as you want - you can get ones that you programme in advance, others that react to rain and levels of moisture in the soil, or even those that you can turn on remotely from your phone. The downside is that they can be expensive.

Finally, make sure you give your plants a good care session before you leave. Refresh their fertiliser if needed, deadhead any spent flowers and trim back unruly stems. You’ll come back to much healthier and happier plants as a result.