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Does my plant have bugs?

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Does my plant have bugs?

If you spy any webs, bumps or spots on your plants, it’s possible that your houseplant is putting up with some unwelcome visitors. Quickly move your plant away from any others to prevent them spreading to the rest of your plant gang. Wipe the leaves to get rid of the bugs, they won’t harm you, and get an insecticidal spray to stop them coming back.

Sometimes you might spot mould on your plant’s soil, or even fully grown mushrooms. The white mould that develops is usually harmless, but probably a sign that your plant is being overwatered or not draining properly. Scrape the mould off and make sure your plant’s soil gets a chance to dry out between waterings. Check out our tips on watering to learn the finger dunking test. Mushrooms also pop up due to moist conditions - it’s best to remove them and replace the top few inches of soil if you’ve got any potting compost. Also, as tempting as the mushrooms might look, do not eat them. They won’t hurt you if you touch them and they won’t contaminate the air, but they’re not good for you, your little ones or your pets to eat.

If you want to avoid bugs in the first place, check out these top tips: