Shade Loving Outdoor plants

No shade to the others, but these are the best outdoor plants for spaces that are low on light. These guys won’t miss the rays — pop them in a shady spot and they’ll happily thrive. Easy to care for and delivered for free, these are the ultimate plants for greening up a sun-less garden.

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Shade Loving Outdoor Plants

Beryl the golden shield fern loves to spread out in a damp, shady spot in the garden. Just give this pretty lady plenty to drink and she’ll be happy as a pig in dirt.

If Beryl is a little too tidy for your garden vibe, meet her brother Billy: native to Japan and South Korea, Billy the Tassel Fern is a plant with personality. His wild fronds love to spread out in shady corners of your garden.

Fats the Fatsia japonica is a near-unkillable plant who will thrive under almost any condition and is the perfect plant for a shady spot. Bonus: this handsome guy will blossom beautiful, dandelion-like clusters of white flowers in autumn.

We love Leo's colouring: deep green, leathery leaves that spiral around his stems, turning fire-red towards the top - earning him his nickname Curly Red. This guy is pretty easy to care for and will be happy to laze about in some partial shade.

Mae the Chamaerops humilis (a.k.a the ‘European fan palm’) is an all-round people-pleaser — she's been our most popular plant at Patch since we launched in 2016. She’s super easy to maintain and will thrive in sun or shade!

Esther the Festuca glauca (or ‘blue fescue’) is a bit of a wild one: she’s got electric blue tufts that make her stand out from the pack. She's a great way to add a little colour to a shady spot.

Jake the Variegated Euonymus Japonicus is tough lad who can withstand even the harshest winters. Better known as the ‘spindle tree’, we love Jake because of his amazing shape, stunning patterned leaves and low-maintenance personality. He'll be happy wherever you put him!

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