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Most light conditions
Easy care

The less light he gets, the less water he needs. If you put him in quite a shady spot he’ll need very little water.

Quick facts

Botanical name

Zamioculcas zamiifolia raven


Black ZZ plant; Black fern arum

Plant type

Evergreen, indoor

Air purifying


Plant height (including pot)


Pet/baby safe

Mildly toxic if ingested

Nursery pot size


About Black ZZ plant

Little black plants, like little black dresses, go with everything. A relative of Cassie, our ZZ plant, this dramatic black variety was only created in 2017. It’s notoriously hard to breed black plants, but this one comes close to true black. New leaves are a fresh green, which deepens to an inky, green-tinged black. 

While this is a new breed, the ZZ plant has existed for countless years. Its full name is zamioculcas zamiifolia, so it’s clear why it was shortened. Native to Central Africa, the ZZ plant is adapted to extremes of weather, surviving long periods of drought and storing water in occasional intense downpours. That’s why it’s such an excellent houseplant. It won’t panic if you forget to water it for a while. It’s a good option for anyone relatively new to plant care.  

To encourage it to grow healthily, give it a feed with liquid fertiliser once per month in spring and summer.

Did you know?

ZZ plants are used across Africa to treat everything from earache to ulcers.