Viburnum Tinus

{ Common laurustinus; Tinus }

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About Edward

Edward is tall, unfussy and pretty as a picture thanks to his beautiful, lollypop-sculpted Spring blossom. A classic, if uncommon, addition to an urban garden.


An evergreen tree that blossoms during Winter and Spring and fruits in late Summer and Autumn, Ed grows happily in most soils and, if planted in the ground, will take about 20 years to reach a maximum height of 4 metres. If planted in a pot, you can expect his growth to be even slower.

Plant height: 130-150cm. Pot size: 10L


Just as happy on a sunny site as on a shady site. Best when planted in well-draining, fertile soils, such as our compost.


Doesn't respond well to cold drying winds so place him in a sheltered position if up on high.

Looking after this plant

Although relatively easy to care for, Ed can attract pests such as whitefly and aphids. These can be easily removed quite early by spraying a weak dilution of washing-up liquid on the affected areas.

If he's to be planted in one of our 40cm pots, he'll need one of these 60L bags of multi-purpose compost.

Living with pets and children

His fruit can cause a mild stomach upset so steer clear of eating it.

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