Sedum morganianum

{ Burro’s Tail, Sedum Burrito; Donkey Tail Plant }

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About Bob

Native to Southern Mexico, Bob is the coolest succulent we've found thanks to his relaxed attitude and his chunky dreadlocks. However, be careful when you handle Bob as his small leaf segments can come off easily.


Estimated height (including pot): 20cm.

Bob measures on average 20cm (12in) but his dreadlocks can grow up to 60-70cm (24-28in).


For our Bob, we recommend these 16cm curved-edged pots.


In summer, Bob thrives in the sun which gives his donkeytail-like leaf segments their attractive matt finish. Bob also likes the direct winter sunlight which ensures its compact growth. But you'll also find he's pretty happy in a shady spot. You'll just notice that his growth isn't as rigorous.


Bob doesn't like standing in water much: overwatering is the number-one killer of this succulent!

Watering and feeding

Bob is an unfussy chap: just give him a moderate amount of water and let the soil almost completely dry out between each watering. Bob requires a balanced fertiliser once a month between Spring and Autumn.

Living with pets and children

Bob is non-toxic to cats, dogs and children.