{ Salvia superba }

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About Harry

As a family member of the Sage clan, Harry is a very low-maintenance flowering plant whose aromatic green foliage sets the backdrop for beautiful violet-blue tubular flowers that will be in bloom between May and early autumn. Try planting him in dense clusters in containers for an eye-catching focal point in your garden, balcony or windowbox.


Current height including plastic pot: 25-35cm
Maxiumum height: 80-100cm


Harry will be happiest in a sunny position although having said that, he won't mind some shade throughout the course of the day.


Poorly draining soil so make sure you plant him with a good drainage material if planting in a container. Follow our easy step by step guide of how to best plant up your outdoor plants.

Looking after this plant 

Harry won't demand much of your time but just make sure you keep him watered in the warmer months, particularly in the summer months. To ensure as long a flowering period as possible, remove the spent and faded flowers by pinching at the base of the dead flower stem and pulling it off - it should pop off!    

Living with pets and children 

Harry is non-toxic.

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