Redhot poker

{ Kniphofia Pineapple Popsicle; Torch lily }

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About Joe

Joe is quite the catch - not only are his stunning lemon popsicle flower stems hard to take your eyes off, but as far as maintenance is concerned he's very easy-going and will forgive the occasional missed watering.


Current height including pot: 70-80cm
Maximum height: 120cm

Joe's foliage keeps green throughout the year, giving rise to multipe flower stems at a time between June and September.


Originating from Africa, Joe feels most at home in the sun although he will also tolerate shade for part of the day.


Although Joe likes to be watered on a regular basis in the summer - approximately once every couple of days, the elements will take care of the watering in the autumn and winter.

Looking after this plant 

To keep Rehot pokers in flower for as long as possible, once the flowers on the stem have faded, simply cut the flower stem at the base so the flower can focus their energies on new growth rather than keeping the fading flowers alive.

Living with pets and children

Non-toxic to all.

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