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About Prim

One of the country's favourite flowers, pink Prim is a must-have in any English garden. Despite her delicate complexion, she's harder than she looks: content in many different sites and soils.


Prim blooms between February and May and won't grow much beyond her current height of 10cm. She's often treated as a 'biennial', meaning you'll get two years of flowering out of her although, when space is limited, many replace her after her first flowering period with a summer bloomer.

Height: 10-15cm. Pot size: 10.5cm.


Prim will be happy facing any which direction and she won't be phased by a little shade.


Fierce winds can be unkind to Prim so best to keep her sheltered if on an exposed balcony or terrace.

Looking after this plant

Prim doesn't require any pruning but you'll get a better, longer show of flowers if you pinch off any spent flowers in order to encourage growth.

We recommend planting one Prim every 10-15cm (i.e. four would fit neatly in a 60cm long trough; six would fit snugly). If she's to be planted in one of our troughs, she'll need one of these 20L bags of multi-purpose compost.

Living with pets and children

Non-toxic. In fact, she's edible with many popping her flowers in a salad to add colour and sweetness.

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