Polystichum Polyblepharum

{ Tassel Fern; Japanese Lace Fern }


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About Billy

Native to Japan and South Korea, Billy is a proud fern with plenty of wisdom to share - he has been around for almost 400 million years, after all. Like his other fern brothers and sisters, he can be found in fossils dating back to the Carboniferous period - an era so long ago, we've barely even heard of it.

In Latin, 'polyblepharum' means 'many eyelashes' - a reference to his amazing, bristle-y foliage. He also gained the nickname 'tassel fern' because his new fronds hang down like a tassel as they unfurl, before eventually straightening themselves out. We can't get enough of his hypnotising, leafy look, perfect for adding a bit of texture to the garden.

Quick facts

Botanical name: Polystichum polyblepharum 'jade'

Nicknames: Tassel Fern, Japanese Lace Fern

Plant type: Herbaceous perennial / outdoor

Toxic?: Toxic to pets and humans

Current height (including pot): 20-30 cm

Nursery pot size: 17cm

Pro level: Medium

How to Care for Billy (Tassel Fern)

The basics:

Billy prefers to be kept out of the sun, so put him in a partially- to fully-shaded spot and he'll be happy

Billy loves the sauce, so make sure his soil is always moist - giving him a weekly drink is probably necessary, especially if it's hot out

Going the extra mile:

Give him a light trim throughout the growing season, cutting back dead or sickly fronds with a pair of sanitised secateurs or scissors. Make sure you stop snipping him when autumn rolls around, though - though they may not look great, the dead foliage protects the centre of the plant from the winter chill

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