{ Primula polyantha }

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About Polly-Ann

The Polyanthus is a close relative to our primrose, Prim, and as such they both share many traits and habits. Dainty but hardy, small but impressive, Poly-Ann's beautiful flowers reach a little taller and, in doing so, are very effective at attracting bees and butterflies.


Polly-Ann blooms throughout Spring and will grow as tall as 15cm. If planted together, leave about 10cm between each plant so that they don't overcrowd each other once in full bloom. Although considered a 'perennial', returning every year, many lift their polyanthus out of their containers after Spring to replace them with summer flowers.

Plant height: 10-15cm. Pot size: 1L


Very happy in direct sunlight or with a little shade.


Best to keep sheltered from strong winds. This doesn't mean she can't live on a balcony or terrace, but consider shielding her with a larger plant.

Looking after this plant

Remove yellow leaves as and when they appear. Pinch off old flowers to keep her looking neat and to promote new growth near the end of Spring. 

We recommend planting one Polly-Ann every 15cm (i.e. three would fit neatly in a 60cm long trough). If she's to be planted in one of our troughs, she'll need one of these 20L bags of multi-purpose compost.

Living with pets and children

Non-toxic. In fact, she's edible with many popping her flowers in a salad to add colour and sweetness.

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