Platycerium Bifurcatum

{ Elkhorn Fern; Staghorn Fern }


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About Elsie

Elsie the staghorn's name comes from those huge antler-like leaves. She is epiphytic, meaning that in her native tropical forests she'll grow attached to trees.

As she's a hanging plant, to water her you should put her in the sink, water her thoroughly and let the excess drain off before hanging her again. She loves high humidity, so keep her somewhere that's not too dry or regularly mist her.

Staghorn fern likes...

Indirect light
She's used to growing in the dappled sunlight under big trees, so Elsie the staghorn fern likes indirect, screened light.

Quarterly feeding
About every three months, give your staghorn fern a feed to keep her good and strong.

Moisture is really important to stag horn ferns so mist her every few days.

Top Tip
Her shield fronds (the round leaves at her base) will gradually turn brown, but this is normal and healthy, so don't be tempted to remove them. You'll hurt her if you do.

Quick Facts

Botanical name
platycerium bifurcatum

Common staghorn fern, elkhorn fern, antelope ears

Plant type

Air purifying

Plant height (including pot)

Pet/baby safe

Nursery pot size