Peperomia Prostrata

{ String of Turtles; Magic Marmer }

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About Faith

It's not hard to see how Faith got her common name 'string of turtles', with her small penny-shaped leaves and delicate patterning like tiny turtle shells. But be careful - Faith is as pretty as she is delicate, so be careful when untangling her vines. Don't worry too much if she sheds more than a few leaves when she arrives, as she's got plenty more underneath.

Originally from Brazil, she loves humid conditions with lots of light. If you can't give her lots of light, she'll probably still manage but she'll have much smaller leaves. On young leaves, the veins can be dark red or even purple, gradually turning to a soft white as they grow older.

Faith the String of Turtles likes...

Lots of light
Faith loves a bit of bright light, so will be happy in a south-facing room, but not direct sun.

A good misting
She doesn't like to be watered heavily - only when the soil is dry - but likes a bit of a mist.

Being left alone
Her leaves break easily so best not to move her. She has shallow roots so is unlikely to need repotting anytime soon.

Quick Facts

Botanical name
Peperomia prostrata

String of Turtles, Magic Marmer

Plant type

Air purifying

Plant height (including pot)

Pet/baby safe

Nursery pot size

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