Moroccan Daisy

{ Rhodanthemum hubrida Casablanca; Chrysanthemum hosmariense }

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About Daisy

If you want to attract the London bees and butterlies to your space then Daisy is just the plant for you as they can't resist her white and yellow, daisy-like flowers that bloom between May-June and again between August and September. If Daisy won't bring a smile to your face, we don't know who else will...


Current height including plastic pot: 35-45CM
Maximum height: 50-60cm

Silver, ferny evergreen foliage that gives rise to white and yellow daisy-shaped flowers that bloom in spring and mid-summer.


Due to her Moroccan upbringing, Daisy will take the sunniest position going.


Winter-wet so if possible, move to as sheltered position as possible in the wetter, winter months.   

Looking after this plant  

Water on a regular basis, particularly during the flowering period. Make sure you also deadhead the spent and faded flowers to allow Daisy to focus her energy on producing new blooms rather than keeping her spent ones alive. Here's our easy guide on how to deadhead a flower.   

Living with pets and children

Daisy is non-toxic.

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