Miscanthus 'Red Chief'

{ Maiden plant }


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About Mark

This bushy beauty has long, arching leaves that form a dense base from which shoot elegant, feathery flowers. Although this variety is called 'red chief', this plant will give you a dramatic range of colours over the year. Initially green, his leaves gradually turn yellow when autumn comes, then transition to pale brown in winter. His flowers give a shock of red in late summer.

In a small outdoor space Mark makes a dramatic statement piece.

Mark the Miscanthus likes...

Full sun
Mark adores sun and will be at his most stunning if he gets plenty of rays throughout the day.

Moist conditions
Mark the Miscanthus like moist soil. Try to protect him from heavy rains in the winter as he doesn't like to get waterlogged.

Miscanthus can grow up to 1.5 metres high and 1 metre wide, so give him space to stretch out.

Top Tip
When the flowers fade, don't remove them. They'll turn a beautiful silver that looks really striking through winter. Cut them back before the start of spring.

Quick Facts

Botanical name
Miscanthus 'red Chief'

Maiden plant

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