Kitchen herbs

Mint, Rosemary, Thyme

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About Kitchen herbs

If you enjoy cooking with herbs then growing your own kitchen herb garden is one of the easiest and most satisfying ways to dip your toes into edible gardening. Here at Patch HQ we've tried and tested and the verdict is out - these are the hardiest herbs about.

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Perhaps the hardiest of all, mint can be grown inside or out, and is a very rewarding plant to grow as it works wonders, from freshening up any dish, aiding digestion as a fresh tea or celebrating summer with a mint mojito, 


Rosemary is a must-have in any kitchen and is very easy to look after. Rosemary will bring a lovely earthiness to any roasted vegetables, meat or fish dishes as well as flavouring oils and dressings.  

Lemon Thyme 

Aside from its wonderful aroma, lemon thyme is a versatile little herb which works particularly well flavouring fish and poultry and dishes that contain fresh lemon. Its slightly sweet flavour means it also works well in desserts from lemon thyme ice cream to baking.  


Belonging to the mint family, thyme is another incredibly useful herb that will bring flavour to your stews, potatoes and fish dishes. Its inclusion in your diet has also been proven to help calm your mind and naturally boost your immune system.


Whilst rosemary, lemon thyme and thyme will require a sunny spot in order to thrive, mint and parsley will be happy in a shadier part of your kitchen. 


All of the herbs won't like to be sat in water so make sure you pour off any excess water left after watering.

Watering and feeding 

In order to thrive, all of the herbs will require a good water so make sure the soil is kept moist. Apply a liquid fertiliser once every two weeks during the spring and summer to promote growth. 

Living with pets and children 

All of the herbs are non-toxic to pets and children

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