{ Fortunella japonica; citrus japonica }

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About Cal

While Cal produces lush orange fruit, you'd be wise to avoid sampling it unless you're the type of person who eats sour sweets for breakfast. Having said that, when he's cooked he looses his sourness and therefore makes a very tasty marmalade!


Current height including pot: 50-60cm
Maximum height: 

As a lollypop tree, Cal will fruit almost all year round in a sheltered spot that benefits from a good blend of sun and shade. In spring and summer, you can also look forward to a covering of white star-shaped flowers between the tree's aromatic leaves. The tree can grow up to 30cm a year when planted out but expect growth to be roughly half this when planted in a container.


Cal will thrive best in a sunny spot but will also tolerate some shade. 


Not a happy chappy when left to the mercy of the wind. 

Looking after this plant

If planting in a container, Cal is best planted using a good drainage material at the bottom - here's our step by step guide of how to best plant up your outdoor plants. Cal likes to have plenty of room for his roots to bed down so will do best planted in one of our 40cm pots - he'll need one of these 50L bags of multi-purpose compost.

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