Hoya Linearis

{ Linear Hanging Hoya }

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About Emily

In their native warm Asian climates, hoyas attach themselves to the branches of other trees, their silvery tendrils wafting gently in the breeze. As an indoor plant she's dramatic without being over the top.

Hang Emily up or put her on a high shelf to give her lengthy stems plenty of space to grow. Emily will thrive in a bathroom with some natural light - as the humidity reminds her of her home in the himalayan forests.

Emily the Linear Hoya likes...

Light watering
Emily likes gentle watering and regular misting. Don't water her to the point that the soil is soggy.

Linear Hoyas are trailing plants. Hang her as high as you like and her long wavy stems will keep trying to reach the floor.

Bright light
She'll cope in light shade, but prefers moderate, indirect light. If she's really happy she may produce flowers.

Top Tip
If your hoya's stems gets too long, she won't mind at all if you chop some back a bit. It's very easy to propagate the cuttings and make new plants.

Quick Facts

Botanical name
Hoya Linearis

Linear Hanging Hoya, Wax plant, wax vine, wax flower, porcelain flower

Plant type
Epiphytic Succulent

Air purifying

Plant height

Pet/baby safe

Nursery pot size