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About Donna

This medium sized outdoor shrub is an absolute belter for year round interest. In the colder months, enjoy her thick, glossy leaves. When the weather warms up, she erupts in flower spikes. With the right conditions, you could see those all the way through to autumn. She'll give you the greatest rewards if you pop her in a sunny place and keep her well watered.

Donna likes...

Full sun
Donna the hebe likes the spotlight and won't thrive in shade, so give her a position with lots of sunlight.

A good drink in summer
She'll need a lot of water to keep producing flowering, so keep an extra close eye on her moisture levels during summer

Butterflies and bees
Or rather, they love her. When she's in flower, this outdoor plant is the place to be for pollinating insects.

Top tip
To keep those flowers coming throughout the warmer months, remove any that have dried and withered. More should burst forth to replace them.

Quick Facts

Botanical name
Hebe 'hebedonna Nikka'; 'hebedonna Jenna';


Plant height (including pot)

Pet/baby safe

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