Hebe Andersonii


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About Anders

Anders is a member of the hebe family, named after the Greek goddess of youth and, fittingly, he is an absolute beauty.

Hebes' compact, subtly variegated leaves mean they're great for year round interest. He'll look simple and elegant through the colder months, then once established he should reward you with purple spike flowers in summer.

Anders the Hebe likes...

A sunny spot in your garden is the ideal place for Anders the hebe, but he'll manage just fine in partial shade.

Moist soil
Water Anders frequently enough that their soil remains moist but not really wet. Make sure he can drain freely.

He won't be very happy if he's regularly battered by strong winds, so give him a bit of shelter.

Top tip
If you cut him back after he's finished flowering - don't be shy, he'll cope with a chop that reduces him by about half - you'll encourage bushier growth.

Quick Facts

Botanical name
Hebe Andersonii 'variegata'


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